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the way a document or presentation is arranged. Format includes such things as references in a document and time limits in a presentation. In engineering, there is no single ordained format. Whatever company you work for, whatever journal you submit to, you must arrange your document or presentation to meet that company's or journal's format. (Back to Writing Guidelines)

illustration: the meshing of words with images. There are two types of illustrations: tables and figures. Tables are rows and columns arrangements of words and numbers. Figures are everything else: graphs, photographs, drawings, and diagrams. (Back to Writing Guidelines)

language: the way we use words. Language is more than just vocabulary; it includes the order of words, the lengths of sentences, the use of examples. (Back to Writing Guidelines)

mechanics: usage, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. (Back to Writing Guidelines)

structure: the strategy of your writing. Structure includes both the organization of details and the emphasis of details. (Back to Writing Guidelines)

style: the way you present your information in a document or presentation. Style includes such things as the way you organize details, the words you choose, and the illustrations you choose. (Back to Writing Guidelines)

tone: whatever in the writing that shows the attitude that you, the writer, have towards the subject or the audience. (Back to Writing Guidelines)

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