Writing Guidelines
for Engineering and Science Students

Writing Exercises for Engineering and Science Students

These exercises are designed to help you, the engineer or scientist, master various mechanical and stylistic aspects of engineering writing and scientific writing. For these exercises to work, please do not have your browser override the selection of colors.

Exercises on Grammar

Grammar #1: Run-Ons and Fragments (Basic)
Grammar #2: Modifiers, Pronouns, and Parallelism
Grammar #3: Run-Ons and Fragments (Advanced)
Grammar #4: Advanced Grammar

Exercises on Punctuation

Punctuation #1: Commas
Punctuation #2: Colons and Semicolons
Punctuation #3: Advanced Punctuation

Exercises on Usage

Usage #1: Word Choice (Basic)
Usage #2: Verb Agreement and Tense
Usage #3: Possessives
Usage #4: Word Choice (Advanced)
Usage #5: Expressing Numbers

Exercises on Style


Delivery Exercises for Presentations

Introducing a Colleague
Delivering Slides
Giving a TED-Style Talk

Other Exercises

Logical Fallacies

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