Exercise on Structure in Scientific Writing

This exercise requires that you revise the headings and subheadings give below so that they are descriptive, are parallel, and reflect the scope of the title. Pages 37-40 in The Craft of Scientific Writing discuss how to assign headings and subheadings. To view the proper spacings on this page, you should use Netscape.

Evaluation of Three Treatments
for Parkinson's Disease

Pallidotomy Treatment of Parkinson's

Test Results of Pallidotomy
Alternative Treatments to Parkinson's
L-Dopa Drug Therapy
Implanting Fetal Tissue
Comparison of Treatments
Effectiveness of Treatments
Side Effects of Treatments
What Are the Costs?
Conclusions and Recommendations

Given below are the actual headings from Chapter IV of the Report of the Warren Commission. Assuming that the purpose of this section is simply to inform (rather than to persuade), rewrite these headings to make the organization logical. Don't hesitate to add subheadings to create hierarchy.

Chapter IV of the Report of the Warren Commission:
The Assassin

Ownership and Possession of Assassination Weapon
The Rifle in the Building
Oswald at Window
The Killing of Patrolman J.D.Tippit
Oswald's Arrest
Statements of Oswald During Detention
Prior Attempt to Kill
Oswald's Rifle Capability

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