Key to Exercise 2 on Structure in Scientific Writing

Given below is one possible title and set of headings and subheadings for the research on the loss of life in the sinking of the Titanic. Notice that the title narrows the scope of the work to the causes for the rapid sinking, and not the causes for the loss of life. Notice also that human errors leading to the collision of the Titanic with the iceberg are not part of the report's scope. These errors are still included in the report, though, as an appendix. To view the proper spacings on this page, you should use Netscape.

Causes for the Rapid Sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic


Titanic: Its Status As a Ship Before Its Sinking

Human Errors Contributing to Collision With Iceberg

Mistakes by Captain
Mistakes by Crew
Mistakes by Shipping Line

Design Errors Contributing to Rapid Sinking

Design of Watertight Compartments
Design of Spiral Staircase

Material Flaws Contributing to Rapid Sinking

Hull Steel
Hull Rivets

Conclusions and Recommendations

Appendix: Human Errors Directly Contributing to Loss of Life

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